Indulge Yourself

Our thoughts, emotions and immune system are intertwined.  This is proven by the fact that too much stress can lead to depression and chronic illnesses.  To counter the harmful effects of stress, there is something that we can all do to improve our emotional state and immunity to diseases.  What is it?

Creativity.  Being creative is something that we are all born with and have the capacity to excel.  When I talk about creativity, I am not talking about the traditional art form that we all stereotypically associate it with.  I am talking about creativity in all of its wonderful forms, from tangible to intangible.

Creativity is the process of inventing new ideas and projects that allow us to fully express ourselves.  Whether it be writing, photography, exploring nature, acting, singing,  self-employment, or community activism, find your niche and practice it.

Maria Ann Smith experimented with French crabapple seedlings and developed the Granny Smith apple in her 60’s.  Mother Theresa helped the unfortunate and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 69.  It is never too late to find your passion and indulge yourself.  Your heart and health will thank you for it!


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