Our past is not our destiny.  We all have the power to create our future, one which is aligned with our authentic selves.  One of the most profound quotes I came across recently is written by cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, who states “Our conscious mind trumps both nature and nurture”.  What this means is that our thoughts can override inherent and learned habits.   Whether you believe this or not, it is certainly worth considering as you open your mind to the magnitude of possibilities that exists.

We all know that thoughts can hinder our progress just as much as they can help.  The power of thoughts cannot be underestimated as evidenced in stories where people overcome great obstacles in life through conscious effort and determination.  An excellent example of this is Olympic athletes who rebound from physical setbacks to prevail in their sport.  Open your mind to creating a rewarding future for yourself.  Take control of what you can to be the authority of your own life.

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