Everyone experiences low self-worth to some degree.  This is because we have been conditioned from an early age to relate our own sense of worthiness to certain behaviours.  To give you an example, the child who obeys rules and conforms is considered good while the child who daydreams and disregards rules is labeled as bad.  As a result, we learn to compare ourselves to others and relate achievements to worth.      

In reality, we are all equals.  We all have the same basic human needs and desires, including success.  We all have natural talents and abilities unique to each of us that needs to be acknowledged in their own special way.   

Self-worth involves unconditional positive regard.  A wonderful exercise in helping you achieve this is to find a photo of yourself as a young child.  Look at the child and speak to him or her as you would an innocent child.  Convey love, compassion, and unconditional acceptance for the child: your inner child and the essence of you.  Self-worth is all about loving yourself for who you inherently are!

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