Open Doors

Open doors create opportunities.  They give you options to choose from and new areas to explore.  Consciously choose to open new doors to expand yourself and experience more vitality in life!

Sometimes we close doors or keep them closed by habit.  Sometimes we forget to open them.  We may block the flow of fresh air coming in, fresh ideas, and fresh new experiences and when we do this, we limit our potential.  This is what happens when we get comfortable in life and stay within our comfort zones.

Picture yourself in a room with 4 doors, one on each wall with every door closed.  There is no fresh air coming in or passing through.  It is comfortable in here since we are familiar with the surroundings but if we want to experience more in life and grow, we need to open doors and step beyond them.

Strive to open as many doors as possible.  If you are feeling a little timid about what is beyond each door, start by opening just door at a time.  Open it just a crack and allow yourself to peer outside.  Gradually, as you gain more comfort with the unfamiliar terrain, you can take one more step at time towards a whole new experience in life.  Open doors await your curiosity!

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