The one thing we always have in life is choice.  By that, I mean choice from within.  This is a very important concept to embrace when it comes to mental fitness and it is here where our control in life lies: in our choice of responses.

We may not have choice over external events but we always have choice from within ourselves.  Our thoughts and reactions can impact outcomes and they can definitely influence our experiences of them.  Positive thinking and solution-oriented actions are preferred but not always easy especially in the face of adversity.  Sometimes, all we can do is cope and do the best that we can do.

Choose a pro-active approach to wellness that involves strategies with long-term benefits.  Consciously choose responses that bring win-win and do not lead to greater problems or illness.  This is a key to living well.  What areas of your life are you making good choices for yourself and what areas could be improved?

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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