A lesson from zebras

Stress comes from internal sources as well as external.  Just as our environment induces stress, so too does our mind.  Apparently, we humans are the only mammals who create our own stresses from within.  Dr. Sapolsky highlights this fact in his book titled: “Why zebras don’t have ulcers”.  It is an amusing observation that reveals an important lesson for humans.

The main source of stress for zebras is the threat of survival.  In contrast, the source of stressors for humans varies greatly and includes anything from completing a task and getting somewhere on time to more serious life threatening issues.  It becomes evident that we all need to keep the big picture in mind as we go about our daily lives.  We all need to ask ourselves from time to time:  “Is this worth stressing over?”  Sometimes we stress over things unnecessarily and bring on added stresses, which only makes it harder for us.  We would benefit greatly if we take a lesson from zebras and keep your ‘stripes’ in order.

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