Yuk Yuk

The dictionary defines yuk as a hearty laugh.  The thesaurus reveals yuk is a variation of yuck, an exclamation: “Yuck! What is this slimy green stuff?” and then goes on to provide other words with similar meaning including: “ick, ugh, yech, blech, phew, eeew, gross”.  Reading these words makes me laugh and brings to mind comics and children’s books with lively stories of rollicking adventure and intrigue.  When was the last time you rollicked in adventure?  When was the last time you indulged in a deep belly laugh?  If you can’t remember when, then perhaps you are overdue.

Laughter is Mother Nature’s cure for the stressful, harried lives that many adults lead today.  When life gets crazy, laughter is the perfect break to help you get through our day.  Laughter eases physical tension and relaxes our mind to endure the course.

If laughter does not come naturally to you or it is not a regular part of your daily routine, adopting the sunny approach to life requires practice.  There are many resources you can tap into for adopting a lighter approach to life.  Seek the company of light-hearted people who are fun to be around, collect amusing keepsakes that tickle your fancy, read comics and riddles that remind you of the hilarity of life, watch funny videos that bring a smile to your face and outward chuckle, and last but not least, adopt a playful attitude in life.  Be silly whenever you can and laugh at yourself often.  Being human involves making mistakes.  Embrace the gift of life and laugh every day.  Oh, by the way, you have spinach in your teeth … gotcha!

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