Ocean of Opportunties

Close your eyes for a moment and envision the ocean.  See the vast horizon before you.  It appears endless as everything in the distance is hazy and unclear.  In contrast, you can see with great clarity what is directly below your feet and in front of you.  Life is just like that.

Oftentimes, we get busy tending the pebbles and sand beneath our feet.  We forget to look further to see what is out there.  Perhaps there is a lighthouse, a sailboat, or some rescue apparatus.  Perhaps there are playful dolphins or seals bobbing in the water, or maybe birds soaring above.  It might just be the soothing rhythmic sounds of ocean waves, waiting for you to settle into a quiet moment of relaxation.  Remember to look up once in a while to see what is in your horizon.  Make time to enjoy the view and ponder the possibilities that lie ahead of you.

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