First Workshop!

The first Mind Master workshop was a great success!  I would like to thank all of my wonderful participants who joined me in exploring the topic of stress and contributing to a rich and enlightening experience.  It was a riveting session from the start and we covered much ground, ending with raucous laughter, heartfelt sharing and bonds of connection that revealed the beauty of small groups.

Shared learning is powerful.  It opens our eyes to different perspectives and allows us to gain a broader understanding of life.  It helps us to put our own situation into perspective and assess our own life with more objectivity.  Most importantly, shared learning brings us together and normalizes our experiences in life, helping us to realize that we are not alone in our journey.

It was empowering to see the group work alongside one another and grow during our two hours together.  Everyone benefited from the workshop: “Stressed spelled backwards is desserts!”  It is a simple message that reveals the power of perspectives.  Change your thinking, change your life.  Join me for a workshop and see for yourself.

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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