We are ‘wells’ with limited resources.  We have limited time and energy from which we can draw upon each day.  Because of this, it is necessary that we replenish our wells regularly, to keep the ‘water’ within us at sufficient levels and to keep it as fresh and pure as possible.  ‘Water’ is the analogy I choose since I believe it represents the essence of each of us.  We are all pure within and need to care for our very essence, just as we would care for the water in our environment.

Replenishing ourselves is the key to vitality and mental fitness.  No one can live, day after day, without replenishment.  Nature ensures that we replenish ourselves when our body signals the need for sleep.  Above that, it is our responsibility to care for our spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.  This requires mindful attention and conscious effort.  Strive to become aware of what your mind and body craves and work to align yourself to those very needs.  Success begins with a single thought.  Believe in your capacity to succeed and you will have taken the most important step to achieving more enjoyment in life!

2 comments on “Well

  1. The analogies that water represents the essence of each of us and that our well is the provider of this liquid source of life, strikes a chord with me. Lately, it becomes clearer and clearer that my well houses a finite resource that is waiting, longing, asking for me to consciously replenish, restore, renew and purify.

    Thank you for reminding me.

    • I need to occasionally remind myself of this too. In fact, it was ‘remembering’ that brought me to writing this post. We all need gentle reminders from time to time, especially when life gets busy!

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