Love yourself

First of all, I want to thank all of you who came by my booth yesterday at the Port Moody Community Day Fair!  I had a great time meeting so many wonderful people and my heart is warmed by the overwhelmingly positive responses that I received.  It was a big day for Mind Master, with the initial public launching and the warmest reception one could ever imagine!  It tells me that I am on the right track and my intuition has guided me well.  I am thrilled to be able to offer mental fitness to you, something that I embrace and am very excited to share with you!

How do you love yourself?  How do you show respect and appreciation for your whole being: your mind, your body, and your feelings?  Well, it is actually quite simple.  See yourself as someone who you really love and admire.  Think about what actions you took to prove your love to another.  It is those actions (and more!) that need to be brought to life, in order to love yourself.

Treat yourself! … to a meal out, your favourite food, a bouquet of fresh flowers, a visit to your favourite park or venue, and time out!  10 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour, half a day, a full day or multiple days!  Take yourself on a vacation away from all the rigors of daily life and indulge in time reserved exclusively for you!  Pay attention to yourself, your body, your thoughts, and your feelings as you would another.

Follow your instincts and listen to what your authentic inner voice tells you.  Be aware of the other voice: the voice of the inner critic.  Know the difference between the two voices.  Your authentic voice usually comes from a feeling or sensation while the voice of the inner critic usually comes from your thought processes.  Unlike your authentic voice, your inner critic is quick to condemn and tell you what you should do, often leading you to feel guilty or ashamed.  The inner critic seldom has your best interests at heart where your authentic voice is always loving, kind and compassionate.  Practice tuning in to your authentic voice regularly, heed its guidance and you are well on your way to loving yourself!

One final note:  We all arrived in this world, as whole and complete beings.  We were perfectly aligned with our authentic selves when we were born.  We smiled when our needs were met and cried when they weren’t.  Then somewhere along the way, things shifted and we lost connection with our authentic selves.  Our innermost needs and desires were neglected.  It is our task to take responsibility for our own wellness and realign ourselves to the whole person we started out as in life.  Similar to meeting up with an old friend that you have not seen for a very long time, it is a process of rediscovery and renewal.  It is a profound journey where you will find yourself ‘homeward bound’, right back to your authentic self and where you always belonged.  Love yourself and untold joys await you!

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