Welcome to my Mental Fitness blog!  Now you can have it all!  You can stretch your limbs while you stretch your mind, strengthen your muscles as you strengthen your stamina,  jog for miles as you jog your memory, and tone your body as you tone your tones!  Tone your tones??!  What does that mean?  Maybe that refers to the pitch of your speech … hmmmm!

Casting all silliness aside, I am honoured to share this official launching of Mind Master with you.  We stand here together, at the Mind Master ‘starting line’ of our own marathon of life and journey of endurance!  It is survival of the fittest and winning is not about beating others, but about doing our personal best.  That is what this journey is all about: your personal best, with each day being a little bit better than the day before.  So tie up your laces, make sure your shoes are comfortable and well-soled, allow a smile to break across your face and off we go!

Mental Fitness comprises many things.  One very important aspect is self-awareness.  How well do you know yourself?  Do you appreciate yourself?  Do you have positive self-regard?  Check that inner critic inside of you.  What is it saying?  Mental fitness is all about keeping that inner critic in check.  I call my inner critic the drill sergeant who condemns me, shames me and makes me feel guilty.  I have been working on taming my drill sergeant for a long time.  It is a work in progress and everyday, I get a little bit better.

Mindful awareness is essential to positive growth.  Bring great awareness to yourself in everything you do, everywhere you go.  Cultivate mindfulness and positive regard for yourself.  You will be glad that you did!

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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