A key piece of mental fitness is knowing your priorities.  Take some time to assess what is really important to you and start to align your life with those things that are of utmost importance.  For most of us, health is a main priority.  This is something that we all want to maintain and although we have good intentions, many of us may fall short as we are caught up with the demands of  daily life.  Recognize the difference and commit to making positive change for yourself today.

Mindfully choose to put personal wellness at the top of your list.  Mindfully choose to eat healthier, exercise more regularly and create necessary downtime to re-energize yourself.  Create a plan that works with your current schedule or eliminate some activities that are not on your priority list.  Create time to shop for healthy foods, time to cook, and time to share meals with loved ones.  Create time for exercise and time for rest and relaxation.  Last but not least, make time for variety and new experiences to keep yourself energized and feeling alive.   You will be glad that you did and the fruits of your efforts will come almost immediately.  Invest in your wellness today and you will see that it is the best investment you will ever make in your lifetime!

2 comments on “Priorities

  1. Great post, Fay! I have to remind myself to prioritize ME as #1, and the family and everyone else as #2 – as a healthy me leads to a happy, healthy family. Thanks for validating my thoughts and the great reminder. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • Caring for ourselves and putting our needs before others is not always easy, especially if we have been raised to believe that our self-worth is tied to service. Good for you for recognizing the value of you! Three cheers for Sarah!

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