Be Your Pure Potential! V

As seasons change and daylight lessens, weather becomes more stormy and cold, allow self to simply be in depths of heart desires. Walk the path of your inner sanctuary with peace, grace and dignity. Be grateful for all you have. Soothe mind/body and nourish spirit from storms in outer world that may bring more challenges to your day and tire you, bring doubts and worry. Maintain open alertness in each and every moment as you recite all benefits you have had in your journey so far.

For instance, if you have overcome immense challenges in your journey so far and you do not want to increase challenges, you could say or sing to self “I am so much more today than I was yesterday! I am brighter and so much lighter. I am easier and filled with love and peace. I am my own pure spirit, here and now!!! I cherish all that I am and honour my ‘being’ within. I let go of past sufferings and limits of my pure potential. I am more! More am I! M.O.R.E.! Miracle Overcoming Rigors Evermore!

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