Be Your Pure Potential! IV

Adopt humour and lightheartedness as you accept foibles in life journey. Simply feel your natural aliveness in each and every passing moment when troubles with others arise. Observe the observant within and allow raucous laughter or lively fiery emotions to naturally flow through your pure state of ‘beingness’. Then notice how good it feels and how far you have walked on life journey. Let go, let go, let go .. more and more, each and every day and witness how sufferings from external sources simply dissolve.

It is common for family, friends, colleagues, social, cultural and political leaders to evoke daily challenges that ignite past fears, doubt and worry but when you live fully in moments and begin to see the bigger picture from a whole new perspective, you yourself also becomes bigger and better, wiser and more lively than ever before. Here your pure potential rises once again, bringing pure delight to a new way of living and being on sacred path of discovery!

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