Be Your Pure Potential! VI

Practice patience on your journey forth, especially when confusion, fear or doubt arises within. Simply let go with each out breathe and move on forth with openness to mysteries unfolding. Know that there are things you do not know yet, just as you know that what you know today was something you did not know yesterday. Hold trust and confidence reciting positive affirmations such as “I am much more today than I was yesterday. I am growing and learning more and more, each and every day!” When you set self on path of peace with patience and trust, the grand awakening of your pure potential comes forth when time is right!

Imagine yourself being at a river of sorrows, trusting that you can and will flow with ease through it with open heart. Envision the dark energies as boulders with bulldozer energies that blocks life, impacting flow to a large degree as it crashes, swirls around, flies upwards and pours on down like amazing waterfalls. Even though it pours, it is not poor! It just is! After the water falls, there may be more boulders downstream but there will also be areas where smaller rocks are and where water looks still at side of embankment. In this place of calmness, white foam arises mirroring heaven on earth, bringing peace and wisdom, essential messages from mother earth and valuable insights that will support your pure potential coming forth!

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