Burning Fears to Ashes! II

Make new additions to ease old traditions that no longer enhance quality of life for you. The creation of new traditions is essential, especially as you journey through stages of life. As a child and young adult, you may have joined annual get togethers and celebrations with family and friends to allow others their desires but as years pass, some aspects may not support overall wellness for you anymore. Traditional activities, foods, drinks, and desserts you have endured over the years have become habits engrained in your mind and lifestyle. Feeling you need to do this, have to do that, must go there can come from broken heart with fear of breaking relationships, being subject to criticism, vulnerability and powerless with others. This is the flame of fire within that needs your attention. Allow this fire to burn imbalance between inner and outer realms and bring you to your own true nature!

For instance, if you have shifted from a lifetime of being a carnivore meat eater to a herbivore plant based eater, to support wellness for self and planet, it is time to create new traditions! Be the change you want to see in the world and contribute healthy choices and engage only to level that does not drain you in any way. Become your own best friend, nourishing mind/body/heart, supporting overall balanced wellness for self and others. What serves you best can certainly serve others with magical unfolding! As negativity, fears and body tensions diminish, sparks of new life with new traditions will be your new reality in every passing moment!

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