Burning Fears to Ashes!

Fears carried within are from the roots of the human reptilian brain. Here fight or flight monopolizes the conditioned mind where many things in life are perceived as risky and dangerous. Holding these negative energies throughout life journey while worrying about outcomes, whether plans, projects or activities will work ever out, fuels the great fire of fear.

Let this fire burn by settling self and grounding your energies in the moment. Open your heart to place of loving-kindness and compassion. Breathe in love and peace as your breathe out negative energies engulfed with fears. Simply observe what’s happening in the moment and feel this as a portal to transformation, like vast blue sky overhead where all clouds of mind fog dissipate.

If by chance, body tension and dark clouds continue surfacing for a while with habitual patterns of rampant thinking appears, simply accept them without any judgement or criticism. Envision them as another passing storm that just comes and goes but may also bring surprising lightening strikes with shocking light of new awareness and higher levels of consciousness. Continually let go of darkness and trust in your journey forth, that you will begin to choose better and wiser, choose what serves you best and enhances quality of life. This is where your state of pure being arises in the ashes of burning fire!

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