Be One with Mystery! VII

In solitude, ponder whether you spend too much time taking action in daily life without spending enough time in quiet observation and silent reflection. Ask self “Do I carry power of sun with more dominant masculine energies or power of moon with more feminine relaxing and loving energies?” “Am I Miss with surname Tery (Miss Tery) or Mister with surname Eeee?” “Do I simply live in ebb and flow of mysteries in life or do I strive everyday working hard to reach certain goals?” “Am I a person who continuously fills busy-ness of life with constant running, going, and doing or am I a simple peaceful being who lives fully in present moment, mindfully creating more awareness and balanced wellness every step of the way?”

In order to live the simply good life and Be One with Mystery, equilibrium and equality in life is essential to sustain balanced wellness with mind, body, heart and spirit. Carry both masculine and feminine energies as much as possible. Both are necessary in order to ‘Be’ Master of Mysteries and one with it’s vibrations in life journey. Here, new insights, wisdom and higher level of experiences with more joy and enhanced liveliness exists well beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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