Be One with Mystery! VI

Pause! P.A.U.S.E.!!! Shift from experiencing Perceptions, Assumptions and Understandings to Satisfy Ego thinking mind to a whole new level of living with open heart and unconditional love: Possibilities, Acceptance, Unfoldings and Spaciousness in Elegance of your own true nature!

To actually ‘Be’, Be one with mystery and all mysteries in life’s unfoldings, accept all that arises as meaningful gifts that will elevate quality of life in wondrous ways, leading you onto path of ecstasy, bliss, joy, peace, and delight. Serendipities in spontaneous happenings always happens within and without anytime the present of living in fully presence open awareness occurs.

For example, as this series “Be One with Mystery!” was published to world, delightful gifts arose in a timely fashion. One message from founder of, expressed congratulations and appreciation for contributing to our country and their list of Top 30 Canadian Mindfulness Blogs. In addition, another surprising gift arose as this website is listed as #7 in their top 30 which brought another level of wondrous synchronicity through wisdom of numerology.

“Number 7 signifies trust and openness, opening up to a point of faith in self and others.” As Dan Millman states in ‘The life you were born to live’: “Number 7 reveals incisive minds that can read between the lines … enjoy the outdoor world of earth, sea, flowers, wind, and sky … trust the wisdom and love inside oneself – trust Spirit working within enough to come out of “hiding’ and reveal self openly.” This magical unfolding 100% resonates and reverberates with essential lessons in this series of blogs ‘Be One with Mystery!’

Open your mind and expand consciousness as you journey forth in life. Check out Top 30 Canadian Mindfulness Blogs  to discover some valuable seeds to plant in your path with mystery of unknowns in life. We are all blessed to be here and share open hearts with unconditional love and acceptance for self and others. Enhanced quality of life awaits as spontaneous new realities magically arise!

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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