Be One with Mystery! V

Take a walk and sink more and more into your pure ‘BEING’ every step of the way. Follow your cycles of breath. With every in-breath, lift heel of one foot and then step firmly onto ground, maintaining balance. With every out-breath, lift your other foot up and shift your weight over to step firmly onto other side. Mindful balance is essential in calming the active mind and becoming one with your natural breath of life.

When ready, spend some time in nature and accelerate your pace to elevate heart and circulation. Walk briskly or jog mindfully, without taking notice of what arises in your environment but only what arises in your mind. This is where the miracles of synchronicity and serendipity comes forth. As messages arise from depths of heart and soul, you are no longer entangled with externals. Precious timely insights can reveal valuable new ideas and creation from mysteries unknown. This helps you move forward with increased excitement and delight over what is going to unfold in the natural flow of life!

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