Burning Fears to Ashes! III

Sedate what you relate to! This is another vital step in burning fears to ashes where negative energies reside. If you carry expectations from others and become disheartened when dark emotions arise, let go in the moment and once again, breathe out negative thoughts, emotions and body tensions as you breathe in unconditional love and acceptance for self and others. Rest in calm alertness, observing what is present and then move forward mindfully one step at a time with depths of your heart desires.

For instance, if a loved one disappoints you when they arrive at your door, carrying negative energies from painful experiences in day’s unfoldings and you expect that person to be loving and generous but they just aren’t in the moment, accept their sadness and pain and bring the soothing energy of love to both of you. This will heal and transform all and create a better outcome as opposed to holding fears and doubts along the way. Burning fears to ashes will certainly be swept away by the warm winds of life and the residue of fears, ashes will disappear at the perfect time and place!

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