Be ONE with Mystery!

If you find yourself regularly falling into wonder with fear of unknowns, confusion, doubt and anxiety, let go, Let GO, LET GO! Let go of disturbances within, resentment, anger, sadness and instead of worrying through thinking or trying to understand and figure things out with rational mind, just live fully in moments unfolding with pure open awareness. Ground self by breathing deeply into abdomen and calm mind/body with peaceful acceptance and open heart. Simply witness sensory inclinations and gut instincts in every passing moment.

When you rest in mysteries unfolding and be ‘one’ with mystery, take action when you feel the time is right. Follow your inner inclinations from deep within as they arise and guide you to move forward with grace and dignity. This is where your true nature arises with a new and higher level of ‘beingness’, free from old thinking patterns and habits that do not honour core desires!

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