Be ONE with Mystery! II

Follow mystery, one baby step at a time! Whenever you find yourself feeling restless, tired, anxious or bored, troubled or confused, unsure of what to do next, just slow down and ground self once again. Breathe deeply and observing what arises in your senses in every passing moment.

For instance, if you receive frightening energies that bring you to a state of fear and panic, settle self to live fully in moment and observe with neutrality what is really happening in your environment at that moment. If you strongly feel the urge to leave right away, then do so. If you notice the environment is quiet with no toxic energies, just stay still and allow self to calm more and more. If you feel inclined to connect with a trusted source, then do so and if valuable information arises from conversation, then follow your instincts once again in every passing moment. Decide what is best to do when time is right. Gift yourself with presence of open heart and open mind!

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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