Riding Free Raft II

Let go of theories about humans and the universe. Theories are man-made constructs, neither right or wrong, as they all try to explain what is very difficult to understand and define explicitly. Similar to air and water which also have theories and infinite mysterious qualities that baffle and bewilder the human mind, a good practice to adopt instead is to explore and test theories to get greater understanding. Once that is done, allow all that you have studied to sink into your mind and then simply witness with neutral observation what arises from within. Mindfully choose notions that work best for you, ones that support your path moving forward and enhances quality of life!

For example, exploring the vast domain of stars can bring infinite definitions from the scientific realm with physical and visible theories compared to the spiritual realm where non-physical and invisible ideas surface. Many artists and poets depict stars as a part of all humans, saying “We are stardust!” Can you believe it?! If so, how does it make you feel? How does your curious playful self feel about this?! Ride your free raft with pure potential!

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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