Feeling More at Ease III

Concentrate more on what feels right deep within. If you have been obsessed with seeking ways to fix things to quell physical discomforts, shift in the moment to simply relax. Identify your emotions and allow them to drift by like weather that continuously changes. What is here in the moment shall pass by. Bring unconditional love and acceptance to the moment. Know that peace and greater ease is always available to you any time you are ready to receive it.

The body rides through ever-changing emotions, similar to going in and out of withdrawal from sugars, caffeine, alcohol, drugs and nicotine. Emotions are erupted by all these and more. If you are constantly stimulating your adrenaline and nervous system, it is now time to start a more easier path in life. Breaking free from outer stimulus allows you to feel more at ease and is surely one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!

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