Beyond Shame

Shame is a troublesome feeling that blocks progression in relationships. It often evokes silence and in order to free self from this entangled emotion, it is vital to explore inner responses, thoughts, beliefs and stories you may hold from the past.

For instance, if someone from the past frequently criticized you, shame can be instantly triggered today when anyone implies similar judgements. When this happens, you relive the past and fall into your wounded inner child state. Your reaction may be wanting to hide, retaliate or self punish. As a result, you may find yourself stuck in this emotion for years until you are ready to learn key lessons.

The first lesson is to name it and observe it. You might say to yourself “Here is the feeling of shame again. What happened and what did I say to myself to evoke its disempowering energy?”  Any thoughts involving victimhood, self-doubt and criticism are key insights for self-healing and transformation.

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