Flow with Life IV

Cherish life. Cherish the whole journey without any need to attach your worthiness to achievements, external recognition or rewards. See yourself as part of the great big web of life where everything that happens, including the coming and going of relationships, jobs, skills acquired and community are simply the natural ebb and flow of life’s journey.

There is no such thing as success or failure. Outcomes are never solely produced by you as you are always interconnected with others. Just like new trees bursting through the ground, you are a part of the seeds and root system of all surrounding trees. Nothing happens on it’s own. Your life like all others is an adventure. Enjoy the ride as you move through each passing year. Explore, discover, learn and grow, knowing that you are always so much more than your creations. Honour your emotions every step of the way. Reap the lessons to be had and then move on … flow with life!

man standing on a rock

Photo by Mike Tanase on Pexels.com


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