Peace of Mind 5

Befriend pain, loss and suffering. As much as we would like to avoid dark experiences, they are a normal part of the human journey. Instead of engaging in them, allow them to just be. Sit with quiet acceptance, neither judging, reacting or fuelling more emotions. Remain neutral in a mindful way, observing the experience like waves of energy passing through you.

Bring an open heart with loving kindness and compassion to the surface. Allow your heart to heal hurts. Allow tears to flow. Allow words to spill out on paper or with a caring and trusted friend. Release pent up emotions in a healthy way that respects yourself and others. Pillows are a great tool for releasing excess emotions. Also cardio exercises like running, jogging, hiking, cycling, dancing and jumping are very helpful as they literally shift energy in your body to help you return to an open peaceful mind. You always have a choice!


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