Healthy Response-ability

Mindfulness is key to transforming experiences in a positive way. Shift from old reactive patterns to genuine responses in the moment. For instance, if anger is triggered within due to a comment made by another, allow yourself to freely express and release the emotion in a healthy way. You might choose to stop in the moment and focus your attention on your breath, acknowledge bodily sensations and then gradually release any  tension you may feel with each out breath. Another option is to allow yourself the opportunity to share your truth and say something like “I feel ________ by your comment. Would you be willing to understand why this emotion erupted within me?” If the other person is not open, then it may be best to remove yourself and honour your emotion in a safe place that respects all. If the other person is open and willing, that is ideal as it supports relationship growth and transformation in the moment. Either way, breathing out bodily tension or expressing your truth to others is a healthy response to living life fully!

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