Impulses 3

Internal reactions are the core of all impulses. Looking deeper into the internal realm, what do you experience physically, emotionally, and psychologically when exposed to external influences? For example, if you walk into a bakery and see a 3 inch thick slice of blueberry pie with an exquisitely golden crust, what is triggered within you? What thoughts, emotional feelings, and bodily sensations are ignited?  Do you start to salivate, feel excitement in your body, and a strong impulse to reach for your wallet and order a piece? Or if you step into a meeting where 30 people are debating an issue in your community, what immediately arises within? Do you feel a sense of power or powerlessness in the moment, sadness or excitement, fear or courage? Is there tension in your body, has your heartbeat elevated or are you remaining calm? Be aware of what arises within. The best response always involves a win-win where no one is hurt and every person is respected, including yourself!

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