Mind Fitness III

Flexibility is another important part of mind fitness. Whenever you feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed, step back from the situation to ground and center yourself, then observe any rigid thinking you may hold. Ask yourself “Where is my mind closed and rigid?” Also take time to ponder what you do not know about the situation in order to expand your perspective. This is often difficult to do, especially if you are immersed in the problem. A helpful strategy here is to make plenty of time for meditation and opening yourself up to intuitive insights.

For instance, if you are currently struggling with a family member who is critical and judging, you could begin by keeping conversations brief and succinct to maintain mutual respect. When apart, create large amounts of solitude to access body signals and intuitive insights on the situation. With adequate reflection time, you may receive a flash of insight, revealing a bigger picture. Perhaps the situation is much more complex than you realized and now you know for certain that loving kindness and compassion are necessary for both parties. Stopping the pattern of participating in conflict is key. Discovering and enacting alternate ways of communicating are also essential. All that is required is for one person to shift their thoughts and behaviours for influencing change. Mindfully make wise choices, moment by moment and walk forward with lightness and grace. Flexibility is key for on-going mind fitness.


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