Be the Change II

Humans are relational beings by nature and thrive through meaningful connections and acts of kindness and altruism. Conversely, troubled relationships bring pain and harm to all. At a subconscious level, all humans are impacted by wars and disasters in the world. Just as we do not hurt alone, we also do not heal alone. Connecting with others in a meaningful way helps to rebuild and heal interpersonal relationships in life. Connection is key!

Which connections require healing and reparation in your life? What can you do today to begin the process? Perhaps it is simply acknowledging the hurt that has happened and allowing emotions to surface. Repressed emotions inhibit wellness in significant ways. Free yourself from yesterdays hurts so that you can live fully today. Forgiveness starts when you are ready to walk the path of peace. Next weeks post will address key ideas and practices that aid the forgiveness journey!


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