Mind Fitness IV

Mind Fitness is all about enhancing brain usage. Parts of the brain may never be used unless we challenge ourselves in different ways. Changing your approach to life from stress and struggle to ease and flow can be very easy and a natural process.

For instance, if you normally jump out of bed in the morning and launch into a stream of set tasks, try staying in bed for a while and allow yourself to meditate, reflect and focus on setting a tone of positive energy for your day. Alternatively, you may also choose to start your day with a casual walk, allowing the moment to reveal your route and plans for the day. A glowing sky, melody of songbirds or vibrant summer blooms may draw you in surprisingly new directions. Also, word on a sign or glimpse of an eagle soaring overhead may provide insights to a problem you’ve been pondering solutions for a long time. Open your mind to possibilities!

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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