Mind Fitness

Mind fitness requires not only positive thoughts and beliefs but also physical nurturing. Over the next several weeks, essential tips for enhancing the mind’s capacity to function at an optimal level will be covered. To begin with, it is helpful to understand some basics about the brain.

The mind and brain are two sides of the same coin. The brain is like a CPU, the central processing unit of a computer, while the mind is equivalent to software, selected programming for applications. The brain is a 3 lb cantaloupe sized mass of wrinkly jelly that is comprised of 80% water. Science reveals that inadequate fluid intake impairs brain functioning in significant ways, impacting one’s memory and ability to think and process information clearly.

Tip #1: Ensure adequate fluids daily, especially during the warm summer months. Be aware of foods and drinks that have dehydrating effects including those that are high in sodium and alcohol. The rewards of adequate hydration are far reaching, enhancing not only mental functioning but also physical, emotional and spiritual vitality!

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