Energy blocks

The voice within contributes to our perceptions in life. Each persons’ lens of perception is unique.  No two people are alike since it is based on personal experiences and stored memories.  For example, if a group of people are observing an old tree and a strange sound ripples through the air, some may become startled triggering a wild chain of fear-based thoughts while others remain calm with only sporadic thoughts of wonder and curiosity.  This filtering process affects our energy level within.  When we are open to experiences in life, our energy expands.  Conversely, when we are closed, our energy diminishes.

Extended periods or repeated experiences of diminishing energy risks depression.  Bring awareness to when energy blocks happen.  They are merely indicators that you need to practice self-care.  Shift your focus to love and respect for yourself.  Honour all of your experiences and your potential to thrive through life!


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