Have you ever stopped to listen to the stream of chatter within?  Perhaps you might catch yourself saying things like “What’s going on here?  This is really bad …. I need to get out of here.” or “I’m hungry.  I’m dying of thirst.  Where’s my water bottle?  I want my water bottle right now!!”

Thoughts are energy and this energy can be expressed in numerous ways.  They can be expressed through sound, like a sigh or a groan.  They can also be expressed in behaviours or words that spill out of our mouths.  This brings intangible thoughts to the tangible world.  If someone hears our  groan or words or sees our actions and responds to them, there is a continued ripple effect of the energy in the outer world.

Bring awareness to the energy of your thoughts.  If thoughts are positive and uplifting, they will likely bring more positive energy to your external environment.  If thoughts are negative, they may drain you and make you feel depleted.  Elevate your awareness of depleting sources of energy.  Mindfully shift from negative to positive thoughts, one moment at a time.


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