Wrapping up Effective Affirmations

In this final tip on effective affirmations, recall a time when you could not get a catchy tune out of your head, with perhaps some phrase that automatically played over and over AND OVER again without effort!  Maybe it was a melodic love song that spoke to your heart or an upbeat pop song that brought a smile to your face and energy to your body.  These are perfect examples of effective affirmations that really work.  At an unconscious level, you are affirming something that resonates with the depth of your being.

For instance, if you rehearsed aloud, “I now create the life I love” repetitively throughout each day, a melody would gradually find its way to you just by repeating these very words.  As natural as a songbird sings her melody, you too can find your song and then add body language such as flapping your arms and wrists gracefully as you glide across the floor or wrapping your arms around yourself and swaying to and fro.  I encourage you to try it!   Then patiently await and watch your life gradually change for the better.



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