Affirm your Song!

Positive affirmations must be phrased in a way that’s as natural as breathing for you.  The most effective affirmations flow from the depth of your being and come through your voice like the melody of a songbird.  What comes most naturally for you will ultimately be the most effective.

If you admire positive sayings of popular authors or mentors but their words do not flow easily for you, they are less likely to be effective due to the strain of reciting it.  For instance, affirmations that are too wordy and complicated such as: “I am a powerful, wise, gifted and significant person who is an important part of healing our planet” may well just deplete you instead of empower you.  Like a songbird trying to imitate a frog, croaking just doesn’t work!

Create positive affirmations that are your ‘songs’ in life – using your words which reflect your authentic nature.


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