Your Other Sense

Elevate your eating experience to a whole new level by incorporating your sixth sense at least once per week.  This sixth sense is not your intuition, but your sense of adventure!  Try a new food item, cultural dish or restaurant that has piqued your interest.  This may involve a strange fruit or vegetable you saw at the produce market, some enticing aroma wafting from an outdoor grill, or sights and sounds of sizzling foods delivered to a table.

Eating is one of the most wonder-filled (and wonderful!) experiences in life.  Embrace a beginners mind every time you sit down to eat.  Indulge in a variety of foods and delight your taste buds and your 6 senses with surprising concoctions like kabuli dream, stone bowl bibimbap, or koshari.  Have I piqued your interest?  I hope so!  Now it’s your turn!  Would you like to sample some of my bibimbap? (pronounced Bih-bim-bawp).  Say that 10 times and then set a day to treat yourself!


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