Mindfulness and Emotions 7

Tears are healthy.  Tears are a healing.  They help us to release dark emotions from within.  Our body holds hurt until it is released.  How can you release tears from past hurts when you do not feel the urge to cry or if the hurt has been suppressed for so long that you cannot access the hurt buried deep within?

There are several ways in which you can release the hurt.  These include body therapies such as reiki, massage therapy, kundalini yoga, and physical exercise you enjoy.  Other sources include music, movies, and stories with words and images that resonate with your heart.  Explore a variety of ways to find out which method will provide the cathartic release you need.   The most important thing to remember is to continue engaging in life and not to withdraw.  Life is for living and emotions are the essence of being human.  Honour all of your emotions, dark and light, and honour your one great life.

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