Mindfulness and Emotions 5

Emotional expression is vital for long-term wellness.  As stated in previous posts, suppressed emotions run the risk of developing into harmful physical symptoms.  The key is to allow your emotions to flow freely through without getting stuck on them for too long.  Processing dark emotions in a healthy way is a skill anyone can develop and mindfulness is the way.

Once we acknowledge our emotion and say “I am sad”, I am angry”, “I am confused”, we can then mindfully choose a healthy adaptive response and break old maladaptive habits at the same time.  Quite naturally, excessive television, eating or drinking and impulse shopping fade away as they are replaced by presence in the moment.  Focusing on breath and what serves you best, you may decide that time out in a nurturing environment is the best choice for you, alone or with a supportive person.  This is the turning point to enhanced quality of life.

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