Life Simplified

The practice of mindfulness naturally leads to a more simplified way of living.  When you become aware of your most basic experiences in life such as your breathing, body sensations and flow of thoughts, you naturally become more present in life.  This moment to moment awareness allows you to experience the external world in a refreshing new way, no matter what you are doing.  Whether you are shopping for groceries, preparing a meal or taking a stroll, you may find yourself spontaneously paying more attention and delighted by new discoveries.

For instance, if you are strolling a route you frequently travel , you may notice for the very first time a beautiful tree and it’s magnificent blooms.   You are captivated by the sweet scent wafting through the air and pull a branch towards you to breathe in the heavenly scent.  This simple act is powerfully enlivening as it reminds us that beauty and joy are always present.  We only need to open our minds to experience it.

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