Who am I?

There comes a point in life when the question “Who am I?” arises.  This is one of those big questions that is seldom answered easily.  Mindfulness practice teaches us that we are much more than we think.

You are more than your thoughts.  You are more than your feelings and physical body.  You are more than the roles you assume, the activities you excel and the habits you regularly engage.  You are even more than any diagnosis or label ever created.

You are a spiritual being.  Your essence shines through when you are aligned with your authentic nature.  Authenticity is derived from your most natural tendencies.   This is not to be confused with social conditioning or cultural influences.  These external forces merely reflect their origins and not your true self.  Bring awareness to the essence of you, a whole and perfect being with a capacity for greatness that only you are capable of.  You are uniquely special person with untold talents and gifts awaiting your discovery!

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