Step out of the Loop

Life is a stream of activities.  We go from school to career to retirement.  We shower, we go to work, we exercise, cook, clean and run errands.  At the end of the day, we recount our accomplishments, mark things off of our eternal to-do list and assess our degree of productivity.  On days where seemingly little is accomplished, we may feel disappointed and vow to work harder the next day.

If you find yourself in this endless loop of doing and judging, stop and ask yourself if there is a better approach to life.  Endless doing leads to exhaustion and constant judging leads to disappointment.  Rest in what is and accept the ebb and flow of life.

Accept that some days are more productive than others and that days of low productivity naturally offset busy productive days.  See each day as perfectly unfolding the story of your life, knowing you did the best you could.  End judgement with self-compassion and gratitude for all you have in life.  Inner peace awaits when you step out of the endless loop of doing and judging.

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