Surrender to Being

The opposite of mindfulness is mindlessness.  When we are on auto-pilot, acting out of habit without questioning ourselves and the impact of our choices, we fall into the fog of mindlessness.  In this fog, our thought processes take a back seat while mindless doing prevails.  Acting without forethought, we numb ourselves to realities of the present moment and neglect deeper truths.  Bring mindfulness back by consciously stopping the doing and surrender to being.

For instance, with the habit of worrying in the middle of the night, surrender your thoughts to breath.  Bring awareness to the present moment, focusing on each inhale and each exhale.  Bring awareness to appreciation for this most precious gift in life: your breath.  When thoughts arise, as they always will, do not engage in them but allow them float away effortlessly.  Maintain focus on breath and peaceful gratitude for the gift of life.

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