Mental fitness is all about maintaining equilibrium.  When difficulties arise, our body may show signs of stress and fatigue while our mind becomes cloudy and confused.  We cope by responding in one of two ways: consciously or unconsciously.  Conscious  responses involve mindful intention while unconscious responses involve habits without forethought.

Between every event and outcome is a window of choice.  Do habits prevail or mindful choices?  As we begin the new year, tips for mindfulness will be the focus of upcoming posts.  There will be a new tip each week that you can immediately apply to your every day life.  Simple and easy,  it just takes a moment of awareness and your commitment to the process.  Let us start afresh with plans to consciously incorporate more mindfulness into our daily life and override old habits for natural peace within.

Mindfulness Tip #1   The most basic habit of mindfulness comes from focusing on breath.  This conscious act brings you to the current moment, integrating mind and body.  Focus on the quality of each breath.  Is it fast or slow, shallow or normal?  Take a few slow deep breaths and allow any tension you may feel to leave your body with each exhale.  Give your mind a mental coffee break and allow thoughts to settle.  Practice mindful breathing throughout your day.  If necessary, post a note to remind yourself, set an alarm, or link this new habit to another routine activity.  Cultivate the habit of focused breathing for a powerfully refreshing start to the new year!

“All life is flowing, 

a continual process of becoming,

change and transformation.”

                                                                     ~ N. Mahathera

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