The Paradox of Potential

Potential involves both what you know and what you don’t know.  A humble attitude of wonder and curiosity is necessary if you want to grow beyond your current place in life.  Cast aside assumptions and embrace a beginner’s mind as you enter a new frontier of discovery!

Beware of limiting thoughts and beliefs that may hinder your progress.  Replace negativity and self-doubt with compassion, joy and inspiration.  Immerse yourself in stimulating environments that bring out the best in you!  This may involve people, books and settings that energize and motivate you.

For example, if you aspire to become an artist, you might visit art galleries, attend art classes or read books about artists you admire.  As you build your knowledge and hone your skills, your personal flair for the art form will naturally reveal itself.  You will witness your potential unfolding right before your eyes.  This is true whether you seek growth in personal or professional realms.  Embrace a humble attitude with unknowns and see them as necessary and integral to optimal living.

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