How to be Lucky

Luck is perceived as a chance occurrence.  When it comes to reaching your potential in life, you can increase your level of luck by embracing the following 3 approaches:

#1 Being Positive –  This involves seeing the possibilities in every situation you encounter.

#2 Believing in Yourself – This is an undying commitment to evolve yourself towards your full potential.

#3 Being Generous – This involves giving your time and talents without any expectations for returns.

Giving for the sake of giving brings its own rewards.  Generosity offers meaning, value, and purpose in life.  When you make others lucky through your generous actions, you also become a benefactor.  It is the most natural cycle of cause and effect humans experience in life.  Give generously and believe in yourself with all the optimism you can muster.  Inevitably, more luck will come your way as you enter the “community of goodness”, where good begets more good . . . good luck, that is!

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