What do you value most in your life?  Take some time to reflect on your answers before reading further.

If your wellness was not on the list, it is time to change that.  Valuing your wellness means valuing your self, which is critical to self-worth and self-confidence.  When you value your self, you make sure that your mental, physical, and spiritual needs are at the top of the list.

Self-worth is independent of achievements.  Although our culture values status and productivity, true self-worth is an inner process that involves unconditional acceptance of oneself, including weaknesses.  Know that no one is free of faults.  Acknowledging and accepting weaknesses can be an asset as it allows us to focus on our strengths and inherent gifts.

What talent or skills do you naturally possess?  Focus on building these to enhance your sense of self-worth.  If you are not sure, ask a good friend what qualities they see in you.  Often, others see more than we do since our view of ourselves has been influenced by parents and teachers during our impressionable years.  Embrace your gifts, appreciate yourself exactly as you are and commit to developing the unique individual that you are.  There is no other person like you in the whole wide world!  Nurture and celebrate your authentic self!

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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